Gagner 2000 euro par mois

Earn 2000 dollars a month

Welcome to my web page, I want to introduce you to this page in a safe and efficient way to earn 2000 euros a month a year working with us.



You bocoup free time and are willing to work on the internet all day? then you're in the right place because here it makes a good living but working.

Our system works perfectly well in the long run, you must carefully follow the instructions so that the method works, you have nothing to pay when installed, a simple registration with an accurate email address is required.



Start by registering here

Once registered start clicking on the links to "see advertisements," you must all validated. Every 5 to 10 minutes of the links reappear, click it all day long and every day, the more you click the more you earn.

At first you do not win bocoup and this is normal, you need to follow these steps to earn bocoup more.



When your total reaches € 0.60 (after about a week), go to your account and hire a pack of 3 referrals NeoBux with your account and your Neopoints (0.10 to 250 points), these are referrals assets that earn you money, you must continue to click on the links to reach 0.60 euros again and again rented referrals and so on (you can rent up to 4 packs of three referrals per month ).



Now select the Autopay: The purpose is to renew your downline automatically. Every time one of your referrals click on a link for you one day more. Pour conserver un filleul en Autopay, To maintain a godson in Autopay, you just click it on a pub day!

WARNING: We need your referrals are valid over 20 days to activate the Autopay! (Ie you have 10 days after purchasing the pack to activate it).

I advise you to activate it once you have your first pack of referrals. If referrals are inactive more than 3 days, recycle. You must also click on the ads every day in order to be credited for your referrals (this will guarantee its quality referrals).


You earn about 2.40 euro per month if you constantly click on the ads and you bring your referrals 3.60 euro per month on average the 4 packs.

So it comes to recycling referrals ... It costs $ 0.007 / godson.  Your friend is replaced. This is useful if your friend does not click today, is inactive and you lose money then. Wait 3 or 4 days of inactivity from a godson to replace it!



Gradually you'll save money bocoup, just to be on the lookout for links and keep track of your downline, be aware that when you reach the maximum 2000 referrals and you will go to Golden status ( double your winnings) then you will earn more than 2000 euros per month.

I hope you have followed the steps and you will earn as much money as months on the internet, be sure to add this page to your favorites for easy return in doubt.



The three main steps:


1 : Register You

2 : Click on the links as they appear


3 : Praise for all referrals to each two weeks




Extra Tip: To avoid having to reconnect every hour, go to your personal settings and "Session locked due to inactivity" to 48 hours. The ideal is to stay on the "view ads" and refreshes every 5 to 10 minutes.

The key is to not give up because the process can take several weeks, the method starts to be very juicy from two months of operation time complementary.





See you soon


Questions? Contact me here

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